BHV Demo and the Future...

Hey folks. It’s been quite a while since we did one of these devlogs / updates. A bunch of stuff has happened with the game and in our lives. For one we’re putting out the demo on Steam.

alt text


Now for the somewhat sad news…we’ve decided to put BHV’s development on pause. We really enjoyed working on the game over the past 4 years, but some fairly big life changes are having us put the project on hold for the foreseeable future. All good life changes btw! This past year was a doozy, but we put a lot of work into setting up the systems in the game so we could move onto production once we got funding, but some other opportunities came up and we decided for some closure we wanted to put the demo out for everyone to play. If you played the PAX demo last year (that was only last year?!) then you’ll only notice some minor changes, but you should be able to see some of the additional systems we added.

We wanna thank everyone that showed interest in the game and all the friends that helped us along the way.

I (Saam) personally wanna thank MJS for sticking by me with this project throughout the years, I couldn’t have done it without him! I also wanna thank Yaz for doing the new comic art that you’ll see in the demo.

alt text

We hope you enjoy the demo how it is and maybe someday Bill will return. But for now he’s taking a nap.