Developer Update: Engine Update

Hey folks we’ve been quiet for a bit because we’ve been working on UPDATING THE GAME ENGINE!!!! Isn’t that exciting?…it’s really not, but we should talk about it anyway.

BHV is being made using Game Maker Studio 2 and recently there was a big update to version 2.3. Normally, you don’t want to update your engine version in development too much because it breaks a bunch of stuff and it sure did! But we have it handled now and the update comes with some nice new features and other junk that’s going to help us out.

One of the sweet new features is called “Sequences”, it’s basically a system like After Effects or any other timeline animation where we can make cool motion graphics and it’ll help us later for stuff like cutscenes. Here’s an example of a new title animation.

alt text

This was all done in the editor, so we didn’t have to programmatically code all this stuff and we get a nice little visual preview. It helps me (Saam) a ton!

Along with Sequences GMS2 also got a rehaul and performance improvements, YAY! You can check out yourself if you want, nerd.

NEW A-Bill-ity: Throwing

Ok, so you could throw before, but we revamped it! Before Bill could only throw in cardinal directions and could not drop items. Now Bill can easily drop an item he’s holding and if you hold the drop button you’ll enter into a throwing state. You’ll see a little arrow that will show where the item will be thrown and you can aim it around as well!

alt text

-360 throwing!

While Bill is in this “throw mode” he can’t move, you get the trade off of not moving while having free-range of your throw ability. We experimented with some other throwing modes, but this one felt the best.

The next thing we’re working on is probably retooling our dialogue..well uh tools.

Be sure to follow us on twitter @billhatesgames and tell us what stuff you wanna chuck!