Developer Update: A-Bill-ities

This past month we basically reworked a lot of what Bill can do.

We call these things “A-Bill-ities”.

alt text

an example of what it looks like to move between areas

One of the first things we implemented was the ability for Bill to run. But we wanted to do something different than most games. It’s really important to me that when we add new things to Bill that they further enhance his characterization. What do I mean by that? Well whatever we allow Bill to do it needs to feed more into his character, what makes him “Bill”.

alt text

Bill getting a bit winded after running

Bill can run for a bit but then he’ll get tired and walk slowly. This gives you the impression that Bill isn’t like other videogame characters that can typically run for long sprints. He has a limit and gets winded.

alt text

A lot of animations and integrating them into the player controller went into this.

Animation is also a great tool for showing the characterization of Bill. We can show how much of an effort it takes for Bill to run around by showing how much he struggles while running.

Another important thing with running is making it feel true to Bill. We were inspired by cartoons and games that give the player character momentum. I wanted to exaggerate that by having Bill get ready before he runs and slide when he tries to come to a stop after running.

alt text

Bill climbing up some vines…don’t mind the butt crack

With the addition of more vertical elements in the level design we wanted to have Bill be able to climb. This lets us break up spaces more and give Bill another way to traverse the world.

Getting all these “A-Bill-ities” right is really hard. We’ve probably only scratched the surface of it as we haven’t had anyone playtest it. Along with how it feels there’s a probably a bunch of bugs we’re not aware of that are in this system, but for now it’s in a good spot.

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