Developer Update: Month of May

Hey it’s Saam here. It’s been a couple of months since we did an update about Bill Hates Videogames, so I thought I would talk about what we did for the month of May.

For the past month M. James Short and I have been working on what we call the “overworld” of Bill Hates Videogames. Basically the exterior spaces you’d be in something like a Zelda game. This required us connecting Game Maker “rooms” together. Originally we wanted to have these transition Zelda style shifting over the camera from area to area, but we found that it felt really staggering to hit the edge of a screen and see everything pause. Especially in a game like ours where the boiling line aesthetic makes everything feel alive. So we opted for more of a visual screen transition to make it flow better.

alt text

an example of what it looks like to move between areas

We went with this swiping animation in the direction of your movement. So if you move right then the screen will swipe right. If you move up a screen then you’ll see the wipe go up from the bottom of the screen.

Connecting these areas pretty seamlessly makes the world of BHV feel so much bigger. I’m excited to start stringing areas together and explore level design in these spaces.

Another big thing we wanted to have in BHV is the feeling of depth. We want Bill to be able to walk behind things and on top of cliffs to break up the flatness of a lot of 2d games.

alt text

When something is in front of Bill you’ll still be able to see his silhouette so you don’t get lost!

alt text

Bill walking on some cliffs

Cliffs nicely break up the space and will feed into another mechanic we’re going to be messing with next month. This looks really simple, but getting these collisions to work alternatively between when you’re on the ground and when you’re on a cliff can be pretty tricky!

alt text

Bill taking a pot between areas

Another simple thing to add was saving what item you’re holding between different areas. This involves saving the states of the items in an area. You can actually see a bug with the “Bill behind stuff” shader because the pot is technically in front of Bill when he’s holding it. It’s a really minor bug, but when you’re implementing new systems a lot of these tiny things can add up or intersect.

alt text

Bill is tired!

Here’s a sneak peak of some animations I’ve been working on which you’ll hopefully be seeing in-game for next month’s developer update. Ok here’s one more fun one.

alt text


Till next time! Follow @billhatesgames on for goofs and gifs.