PAX South 2020 Recap

It’s your friendly ghost writer here with an update about Bill Hates Videogames. Saam and MJS showed the game at PAX South (which suprisingly doesn’t stand for Punk Attitude Xenu as I first thought) and it went really well!

Here’s a picture of the booth from PAX Rising before it was swarmed by the masses.

alt text

Many folks came by to play the demo. They smiled, they laughed, and most importantly they farted. Turns out people really like being able to fart whenever they want in the game! I’m going to pass it over to Saam to talk about some other stuff regarding PAX.

Hey Saam here! PAX South was awesome for us, we had a great time and I learned a lot about what people like about the game. Most importantly I learned that people like it! I thought I would answer some frequently asked questions we got from attendees.

Question 1: Why does Bill hate videogames?

A: I generally tried to tell people to play the demo to find out, the short answer is he’s stuck in one and wants to get out. Also it’s a really good title for a videogame, like imagine if we called it “Bill is in a situation he dislikes very much that involves interactive entertainment”. It just doesn’t roll of the tongue, y’know?

Question 2: What’s it like?

A: The main thing I’d say for this one is “it’s like a Zelda comedy adventure game”, which I’m still workshopping a bit.

Question 3: What platforms is it coming to?

A: Right now we’re just targeting PC. Down the line I would love to put the game on consoles, there’s a lot of moving parts this all depends on like business relationships and funding. If things change you will hear about it from here or twitter.

Question 4: When is the game coming out / how far into development is it?

A: This one is tough because I want to give people a definite answer, but the truth is the game is still pretty early. The demo was more of a taste of the game, there’s still some systems we’re adding and content that needs to be made. MJS and I work on the game part time so it’s a bit of a slower development, which is totally cool because we’re not rushing to get this thing out the door. This year I want to put out more updates like this, you can always follow us on twitter or subscribe to the newsletter for big announcements.

Question 5: How long will the game be?

A: Another tough one. I haven’t made a game like this before so scoping it or any game is very difficult. In my head I’d like the game to be playable from start to finish in one sitting and if you want to do extra stuff that might take a little bit longer. We’re not trying to make a 50+ hour game, sorry, but that’s too long! I’d like to keep it engaging and shorter instead of long and monotonous.

I’ll pass it back to ghost writer now!

Ah I was feeling a little down not being at my keyboard. Saam wanted me to include some more pictures from PAX so here they are.

alt text

alt text

Also there was a nice little shoutout on Fanbyte

I think that’s it for now. Until next time..keep on truckin…err..keep on keepy..I’ll figure out a sign off catchphrase next time!