What is Bill Hates Videogames?

Hey if you’ve stumbled upon this post then you found the Developer Blog for Bill Hates Videogames. Wait, what the hell is Bill Hates Videogames (BHV). It’s a videogame, ya dummy. It’s about this guy…his name is Bill

alt text

Who is Bill? He’s not your typical hero. Well he doesn’t even wanna be a hero. He doesn’t want to be here, not even on this webpage. Anyway…Bill is who you play as in this videogame aptly named BHV. You’re going to try and help him get back home because..well he’s stuck in a videogame and as you know. Videogames are dumb.

We should probably talk about the people making this game…Right now it’s just Saam Pahlavan and M. James Short…now you’re probably asking, who is writing this post? That doesn’t matter, really. I could be a ghost, a spooky writer..uh yeah, so here’s what they do.

They’ve been working on the game in their spare time for a bit. It originally started with Saam asking MJS to work on a game without questioning any of his decisions. Here’s a dramatic script of the event.

Saam: Hey I wanna make this game, but you can’t question any of my decisions

MJS: Ok, sounds cool.

Wow, wasn’t that exciting? The tension, the drama, this is how videogames get started, people! And so it began, Saam and MJS would work once a week in a diner that served something called the name that burger. It looked like this….

alt text

They worked in secrecy for almost a year. Not telling any of their friends about the game, they created a demo which would be unveiled at Fantastic Arcade. In fact, there was a whole talk about this stuff which you can watch here.

So um what’s the point of this dev log. Well it’s mostly a creative outlet for me, your spooky ghost writer / narrator, but it’s also to show the process behind what it takes to make a videogame…a very weird videogame…ok maybe not that weird. So if you made it this far, thanks for reading. It gives me life juice so I can continue doing this, working a ghostly 9 to 5 can get quite boring. Writing these posts lets me have more purpose in my undead afterlife! Until next time….

Oh, P.S.

The next post will probably be after they show BHV at PAX South, I hope the devs make it out alive!

Here’s some places where you can get daily updates about the game or the devs

Bill’s Twitter - Probably best to follow here to know when the dev log updates.

Saam’s Twitter

M. Jame’s Twitter

OH also thanks to Wiley Wiggins for making this site!